Our Responsibility

Health & Safety - When it comes to health and safety, the message from the top is that there’s nothingso importantthat shouldmean a compromiseto our standards.

Environment - At Discovery Infrastructure we are passionate about minimizing the environmental impacts associated with fit out and construction. We follow the strict NEPA -101(Life safety code) and ouraim to obtain official LEED accreditationby 2013.

Quality Assurance - Discovery Infrastructure is committed to the goal of achieving ISO accreditation and thus maintains global standards in the quality of our work/ products that we represent and ensurethe highestlevelof efficiencyand satisfactionof our clients.

Corporate Social - We understand, accept and appreciate our responsibility to the society in which we are operating and humanity in general:-

  • Absolute transparency and clarity in all our dealings with all the stakeholders.
  • Zero tolerance towards corruption in any form.
  • Always abide by the laws and regulations of the land or premises.
  • Constantly train, motivate and remind the employees about the safety regulations, including road safety/driving manners.
  • No discrimination against gender and cast & creed.
  • Cause minimum damage to the environment, by sustainable business practices especially in the fit-out process.